Why UXO Global?

The UXO Global Advantage

UXO Global provides industry-leading training and an unparalleled commitment to its students.  We provide an extensive, thorough education to give you all the tools needed to make the most out of a career as a UXO Technician. Located in Loveland, CO, UXO Global has been providing industry-leading training since 2009. UXO Global provides extensive hands-on training at a state-of-the-art facility. Our professionally developed courseware and textbooks have been vetted by top-level, industry experts. We employ the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors in the industry. We continue to aid our students in job-placement by nurturing our relationships with employers. We accept V.A. benefits and offer a payment plan to better assist students.

“A great investment for a great future.”

-   J. Starkey; Class of July 2010

Industry-Expert Instructors

Our instructors maintain the highest level of professionalism and qualifications, bringing an unparalleled commitment to the success of our students. UXO Global instructors are Senior UXO Supervisors (SUXOS), each with experience as a Site Safety & Health Officer, Site Manager, Quality Control Officer. UXO Global thoroughly vets our instructors and hires only the most qualified professionals.

“The knowledge of the instructors, and their professionalism, is unmatched.”

-  T. Reynolds; Class of October, 2011

State-of-the-Art Training Facility

Training on The Challenge Grid

Beginning in 2011, students have trained at our new, larger facilities, which have been outfitted with state of the art technology to better facilitate learning. Our on-site learning laboratory, dubbed the “Challenge Grid”, has been erected to provide a unique, industry-leading, hands-on experience for our students. Prior to our live range exercises, this one-of-a-kind facility offers students the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the classroom in a hands-on environment. It also offers instructors the chance to better evaluate students’ abilities. Here, the students will practice both locating and neutralizing UXO threats in an accurate and safe simulation.

The new UXO Global facilities include an expansive classroom, providing an environment which is conducive to learning. The facility also includes a student computer lab and student Wi-Fi access.  The UXO classroom also features a large collection of inert ordnance, in order to facilitate immediate ordnance recognition, and teach skills that are directly applicable to the field. Using a combination of the “Challenge Grid”, our extensive digital publication library, and our inert ordnance collection, UXO Global bridges the gap between classroom lectures and real-life field operations. This better prepares students for their intended career, and keeps them safe in the field.

Hands-On Training

An education at UXO Global entails extensive hands-on, application based learning, in addition to knowledge and theory-based coursework. Student field activities encompass a wide range of objectives that accurately reflect those that will be encountered on the job. In preparation for our live range exercises, UXO Global students learn on a custom-built, on-site, indoor Challenge Grid that accurately replicates the working conditions of a UXO site. This workspace conceals ordnance in 50 tons of dirt and sand to mimic a saturated impact area. Students will frequent this facility, using magnetometers to find and then excavate buried UXO. Students will perform reconnaissance of actual certified inert ordnance, including missiles, bombs, projectiles, rockets, landmines, and grenades. These activities provide a unique, first-hand experience to better prepare students to accurately identify ordnance encountered in the field. Student activities will cover each aspect of the job including: “tail gate briefings”, laying out the grid, detection, identification, protective works applications and disposal by detonation.

Through exercises using nearly 500 certified inert ordnance items as well as an extensive digital resource library with over 14,000 publications, students will develop the ability to research and identify UXO encountered on the grid. The class culminates with range exercises, including live demolition procedures using shaped charges, sheet explosives, booster explosives, det cord, shock tube and Remote Firing Devices (RFDs). Grid clearance exercises include ordnance ID, and live demolition operations so that students are confident and experienced for their first day on a UXO site. This is supplemented with extensive classroom study, involving theory and knowledge-based learning and evaluation. The curriculum further includes value-added hours covering blast injuries, First Aid/CPR/AED, GPS navigation, and resume writing.

“One of the most challenging and rewarding courses I have ever or will ever take.”

- D. Johnson; Class of February, 2011

Flexible Payment Options

Training on The Challenge Grid

UXO Global offers payment options to help students meet their education needs. We are fully committed to our students’ education, and believe that students of all backgrounds and financial situations should have access to quality training. In addition to accepting Veteran’s Affairs Benefits, UXO Global offers tuition assistance. Our payment plan allows students to defer a portion of their tuition until after graduation. Please note that we have limited seats available per class for the deferred payment plan, and that these are served on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants are encouraged to enroll as early as possible. Learn more about our payment plan options.

Continued Student Support

UXO Global assists its students post-graduation by cultivating ongoing relationships with employers and providing job notifications in our online Job Posts section. Additionally UXO Global provides an extensive online Resource Library with over 14,000 publications exclusively available to UXO Global alumni.

UXO Tech 1 Course Certification

UXO Global meets the necessary qualifications for UXO instruction under the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board Technical Paper 18 (DDESB TP-18), the Colorado Department of Higher Education, and approval for Canadian UXO employment by the Directorate of Ammunition and Explosives Regulation (DAER). UXO Global also participates in Colorado State University’s “Continuing Education Units” (CEU’s).

This UXO Tech 1 course was developed following the guidelines outlined in DDESB TP-18 “Minimum Qualifications for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Technicians and Personnel,” 20 December 2004.

UXO Global is a Private Occupational School, approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Canadian flagUXO Global’s UXO Tech 1 Training Course has received approval from DAER for entry level UXO Technicians to work in Canada.

UXO Global is proud to be affiliated with Colorado State University OnlinePlus. Upon completion of our UXO Tech I Program our graduates can receive twenty (20) continuing education units (CEU’s) awarded directly from CSU. Students who also complete the HAZWOPER course can receive an additional four (4) continuing education units (CEU’s).

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